Website Health in 3 Minutes Website Health in 3 Minutes

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Given that the appropriately intimate gesture of walking into a room and shaking someone’s hand is now considered irresponsible, it is more imperative than ever that your website is doing what it should be doing. Here are three mind-numbingly simple tasks you can action right now that will provide you with ongoing website comfort:

  • Contact your website host to make sure they take regular backups of your site as part of their standard service. Most do, but some don’t. Best to find out now. If your site is managed by an IT provider, this is likely taken care of by them but it can’t hurt to check for yourself.
  • Register your site with an uptime monitor service such as Uptime Robot. These types of services alert you if your website goes offline (which not only provides data for how reliable your web host is over time, but also allows you to fix any issues with your site as soon as possible rather than finding out from a visitor, or not finding out at all).
  • Take a look at your site through a screen emulator such as Responsinator to see how it looks on mobiles and tablets. Given how disrupted and diverse user behaviour has become over the last few months in particular, making sure your site looks the pants on any device is critical.

Your website has never been more important to your business than now. These tips will keep you comfortable that it is behaving as expected.