Hot, Sweaty, Clean Fun (Pro-Bono) Hot, Sweaty, Clean Fun (Pro-Bono)

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During the COVID19 lockdown period in early 2020, we were acutely aware of the pressure and fear that all small businesses were experiencing. Rather than carry on with our sales and marketing effort as usual, we decided to expand our range of services to include a Pro Bono program which effectively meant free marketing services for a suitable small business.

The first business to take advantage of the program was a small fitness centre that had a solid client base and strong reputation but little in the way of marketing resources or experience.

The business owners were very clear on what they wanted to achieve but were not sure how to achieve it. They wanted to showcase their newly updated, high-performance venue to their current members, and appeal to new members as a destination venue for health and wellbeing.

Our Proposal

We engaged with the business on a 3-month agreement allowing us to help the business plan and implement a marketing program to help increase their public profile and add additional value to their membership fees.

We implemented a full suite of member communications tactics including a schedule of circulation and content advice for each campaign. We designed a social media management plan, including monthly content plans, which helped grow their social following and showcase their business to potential members. To facilitate this, we also undertook a professional photoshoot of the upgraded fitness centre, highlighted the hard work undertaken to transform the space, conducted interviews with members, and added various incentives for new members to get them through the door.

In addition to the digital asset development, we helped the owners create several new class and training tracks which provided greater appeal to new members and invigorated the existing membership. To support the additional training tracks, we integrated an online booking system into their website and introduced a number of local allied businesses who have since started referring business to each other.

To help generate mass attention, we provided a complete social advertising plan based on a short highlights reel video which lead to a huge spike in enquiries.

Finally, we undertook a complete asset audit to ensure that all design and digital material was consistent, and provided documentation and templates to help them with future campaigns.

The Outcome

As a result of the three month program, the fitness centre experienced a boom in memberships to the point of requiring two new trainers.

Their social media presence has expanded significantly and they now have a range of assets and templates that they can use for future marketing requirements at next to no cost.

Additionally, class attendance size has increased by 30% and the overall membership has increased by 45%. Three new class sessions have been added to the weekly schedule and the increase in memberships has allowed the business owners to further invest in their members and the fitness centre itself.

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Increase in Class Attendance

Marketing Support Agreement

45 New Members

Increase in Total Membership Subscribers

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2 New Staff

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