Marketing Excellence Program

We review your marketing footprint and provide clear, practical processes for how to address areas of weakness and enhance what you do well.

  • We provide strategic recommendations based on your business’s priorities.
  • We provide clear, practical procedures for how to implement these recommendations.
  • We provide as much or as little assistance as you need to get the tasks done.
  • We provide weekly updates and monthly reports.
  • We provide ongoing support to make sure the plan is executed or adjusted should circumstances change.

Make the most of your own resources while getting specialist support wherever you have a skills gap. With the Marketing Excellence Program [MxP], our team works alongside yours to ensure you are covering and optimising all elements of your marketing footprint.

Using as few or as many of your resources, and some of ours, this program helps you get a handle on your marketing commitment and ensures your budget is utilised in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Should circumstances change, we change with them. We stay on board to support you throughout this process to make sure that the plan is followed and to make sure roadblocks don't become terminal.

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    How It Works

    The Marketing Excellence Program begins with a formal analysis of your companies marketing footprint following the Marketing Excellence Program framework. Throughout this process, we determine what it is that your business wants from its marketing effort and what resources and partners you currently have available to you.

    We then develop a marketing roadmap that provides recommendations for filling in the gaps in your marketing efforts. These recommendations are accompanied by modules of action which are stackable and customisable tasks (repeatable or once-off). All modules come with a rationale on how they service your business, but ultimately you choose if the module goes ahead or not.

    All or any modules can be handled by your team, our team, or a combination of the two. You can find more on our specialties and expertise here.

    Each week throughout the Marketing Excellence Program, you receive an update on all tasks that have commenced, as well as a monthly report which provides a greater level of detail of completed and upcoming items.

    Marketing Audit

    We investigate your marketing footprint to ascertain any weaknesses in your strategy or efforts. This includes your digital work, traditional marketing, and internal marketing to ensure we have a complete understanding of your marketing influence and expectations.

    Outcomes Report

    Once the audit is completed, we provide you with a report to clarify what we have discovered. We seek your input and confirmation at this stage to ensure that our assessment is accurate, and can then be used as the basis for the roadmap in the next phase.

    Marketing Roadmap

    The roadmap is a collection of marketing modules proposed on a schedule that are required in order to address marketing weaknesses. This may include additional efforts to fix misfiring tactics, or new efforts to help track towards the business goal or vision.

    Execution & Delivery

    Once the roadmap is reviewed and approved by you, the modules within the roadmap can be executed by your internal team, or by us depending on your internal capabilities. The modules within the roadmap are marked in order of urgency to help plan task rollout.

    Suited to Businesses That

    Are unsure of what their specific marketing weaknesses are, what marketing they do well, and what their marketing priorities should be.

    Are seeking a comprehensive review of their marketing footprint, and a roadmap for a more purposeful marketing approach.

    Do not have the time or personnel to consolidate marketing activities into a single, sustainable, unified plan to work through.

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    We’ve been using Vandalist for a few years now and they have been first class. Their communication and responsiveness is second to none.

    - Paul, Solo Resource Recovery

    We got on board with Vandalist because their skillset suited our needs, and we needed a marketing partner who could work with our overseas offices. They have been a pleasure to work with.

    - Andries, Archie Hardware

    Vandalist have been fundamental in the rebranding of my business. From our initial conversation, Vandalist was able to understand at depth what I was after and implement creative ideas and strategy with a long term view. Having the Vandalist team in my corner as my business grows into the future is something I look forward to and would highly recommend.

    - Taidhg, Paragon Insurance

    I had the opportunity to work on a large website with Vandalist recently to be delivered in a few intense weeks. Their communication, management of the project, customer service and commitment to delivering on time were outstanding, as was their technical knowledge. They gave well over 100% effort and were a pleasure to work with.

    - Sherryl, Action Communication

    I can't believe we hit our investor target. Thanks for everything you guys did. I thought we might have overshot our expectations but you guys got it done. Thanks again.

    - Stuart, Stronghold

    Vandalist have been a big help with our website re-build, renewed marketing effort, SEO and social media brand positioning. In all honesty, what they do is probably not rocket science, but where they are different to others we've used it the past, is that they actually care about your results and working with them is way easier and more fun.

    - Craig, Matilda Veneer

    Vandalist was instrumental in helping us get our brand and products out to an international audience. They were incredibly responsive and very easy to work with.

    - Eddie, ZZZOPA