About Us

We are methodical, creative, and occasionally unorthodox. We are well organised and crafty, but also highly resourceful and driven by quality, satisfying outcomes. We love inventing and problem solving. But strategy drives us.

We do marketing.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our ability to work together to solve problems. Even if set tasks are assigned to specific individuals, we collaborate to stress test our ideas and ensure the best solution is going to be put forward.

With over 40 years' experience in strategic marketing and business management with our co-founders alone, our team is structured in a manner that allows experts to perform expert work, with the assurance of having strict quality assurance processes.

Custodian of Momentum

Project Management

Carly began her marketing career in 2013 and specialises in project planning, and market research. Carly has a strong affinity to the persuasive influence of corporate culture and has a background in photography (film and digital). She also has a fascination with social platforms and social influence and how they shape decision making.

Carly's responsibilities include project management, social media planning, design, content, client communications, and reporting.

After hours, Carly is an array of music, art, animals, and socialising (ideally coffee or cheese based).

Exponent of Functions

Administration Management

Jocelyn has been in administration management since 2014 and manages all of our day to day administerial and compliance tasks. Jos has an eye for simplifying complex administerial tasks and identifying more efficient ways to communicate with clients and manage internal communications.

Jocelyn's responsibilities include data reviews, client communications, reporting, and documentation reviews.

In her downtime, Jocelyn refines her culinary talents, has a fascination with sustainable fashion, and loads up on true crime docos.

Integrator of Rationale

Business Management & Co-Founder

Stephen has been an Executive adviser to numerous businesses since 2015 having spent his career up to that point in business processes, resourcing, and systemisation. Stephen’s ability to understand a business and systematically implement improvements is his greatest strength. His history in executive management provides him with the unique perspective of understanding owners, decision makers and employees.

Stephen's responsibilities include operations reviews, budget forecasting, human resources, and quality control.

When not on the clock, Stephen is an enthusiast of films and wine, and hangs with his rescue greyhound while watching the Aussie Rules.

Curator of Financials

Accounts In, Out, & Future

Bek has been in finance since 2015 and has an eye for trends, particularly when it comes to numbers and balance sheets. One of Bek's great strengths is her ability to understand cashflow patterns and provide forecasts on future financials. With a love of technology, Bek has developed an intuitive relationship with tools and utilities that simplify documentation and reporting, but most importantly, work within existing technology footprints.

Bek's responsibilities include supplier management, reporting, invoicing, payroll, and tax and liability planning.

When not crunching numbers, Bek spends her time refining her gardens, participating in young family chaos, and painting.

Harmoniser of Code

Coding Dev & Planning

Karis is a coding and development weapon and has been "tinkering" since 2008. Karis has a love for investigating the practicality and functionality of modern CRMs and CMS platforms both in terms of feasibility and capabilities. The bigger the mess or the bigger the challenge, the better, be it web, CRM, or program code.

Karis's responsibilities include development for websites and software, project planning, troubleshooting and testing, web maintenance, and design.

Outside of business hours, Karis tunes in to social media and technology trends, and values no-fuss downtime with a coffee and a few friends.

Formulator of Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Co-Founder

Andrew began his marketing career in 2001 having studied in Brisbane and London. His strengths are an ability to take complex situations and simplify them into achievable, practical strategies, and conceptualise work processes to determine how likely a marketing project is to provide value. He is a freak when it comes to building a plan and is never out of options.

Andrew's responsibilities include strategic planning, account management. content, web development, design, and service efficiency.

When not on the job, Andrew spends his time fitness training, wrestling his kids, and watching sports or movies.

What Makes Us, Us

We are a team that acknowledges that we have a lot of resources individually and collectively to generally do good.

As corporates, we work our asses off to do quality, highly valued work and solve problems for those who trust us to do so. Socially, we collect goods for our local op-shops, we shop second-hand if it will do, and we are on our path to becoming a carbon-neutral operation.

It also makes a huge difference that we love what we do and enjoy each other’s company.

Ship it Right

Some things need time, some things just need to get done right now. We move with urgency and aim huge.

We Aren't Everyone

We are confident in our talents but are not so arrogant to think that our way is the only way to go.

Start Excited Stay Excited

We are skilful, motivated professionals that do cool work. We don't get complacent; we get more valuable.

Never Know Enough

Our best work comes from listening, researching, and executing. The more we know, the more we grow.

Pitch Fearlessness

We aim for excellence; being fearless with how we meet challenges, pitch ideas, and how we solve problems.

Vandalist embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of experiences, talents, and perspectives.