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    Our SEO Process

    Our SEO process follows an eight-step schedule.

    SEO Planning

    Firstly we need to understand what the objective of being on page one means to your company. If it is purely for exposure, easy done. If it is for more enquiries, can do. If it is for more sales, no problem. But whatever the objective, we need to know upfront.

    Search Term Research

    Then we need to find out what is being pumped into the internet to find the services or products you are seeking attention for. We don’t guess, we use a combination of tools to determine what search terms are used in order to discover companies like yours.

    Audit Existing Footprint

    Prior to implementing our action items, we examine your existing search engine optimisation position. We do this to make sure we do not contaminate an existing strength, or to identify weaknesses that require our immediate attention to rectify.

    Create Content

    Depending on the existing content structure, we may modify or add content in order to connect user search terms to your services or products pages. We do this by wordsmithing content in a manner that is SEO enhanced but also easy to consume for the reader.

    Enhance Existing Website

    Any modifications or adjustments that need to be made to the website are executed in this stage. Modifications may include addressing broken links, remedying mobile responsiveness issues, upscaling or downscaling images to increase site performance etc.

    Address Any Penalties

    Inadvertently, websites can be whacked by the Big G for various reasons such as unintentional plagiarism, duplicate content, or for carrying malware without knowing. If Google sees this as problematic, they will inhibit your website’s ability to be on page one.

    Build Links

    Quality links back to your website communicate to Google that your site can be trusted and is a frequent source of information and visitation. We use numerous sources of quality backlinks to empower your website’s reputation and Google presence.

    Analyse & Report

    Every month we review the performance of your website and SEO effort to firstly ensure it is tracking as expected, but also to assess if we can do it better. We provide a straightforward report to you each month as well as a live analytics dashboard with 24/7 access.

    The SEO Purpose

    The fundamental intentions of our SEO program.


    Get the right people, who are looking for businesses like yours, to visit your website. We do this by getting your website on page one for key services or products.


    Getting the right people, who are looking for businesses like yours, to visit your website, and then take action such as call, email, download, or subscribe.


    Every month we assess what traffic is visiting your site and what content they are consuming. We then assess how we can turn that content into an action.


    If the SEO service and intended audience engagements are flying, great. If not we adjust search terms, site content, and navigation.

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    A Collection of our Previous Work

    Below is a collection of our previous work. All of our case studies can be found here.

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      Thank you for your help, team. We appreciate your proactivity and how quickly you get things done.

      - Software Client

      I've never really liked marketing. I wouldn't say I've come to like it, but I like it more now then I used to.

      - Info Tech Client

      We hit our investor target. Thanks for everything you guys did. I thought we might have overshot our expectations but we got it done. Thanks again.

      - Property Investment Client

      Ripper guys. You have saved us a mountain of trouble. Thanks for everything you have done. Really great work.

      - Resources Management Client

      We have been so busy. Can we turn the website of for a few weeks? We are getting hammered!

      - Manufacturing Client
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