What is Your Plan?

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Marketing Consulting Services

A collection of our consulting services. To view our tactical skills, click here.

Practical & Sustainable Marketing Plans

Marketing plans have almost become a relic in modern business. Though this is through misuse rather than lack of value. Our marketing plans take into consideration your businesses capacity to implement, by considering your resource footprint and timeline to achieve your marketing goals. Additionally, we can provide ongoing support to ensure implementation.

Marketing Audits with Actionable Outcomes

Our marketing audits forensically review your entire marketing eco-system to help you identify areas of weaknesses or underutilisation. We expand our research into other aspects of your business that may not necessarily be marketing-specific but may impact the ability of marketing success to provide a complete picture of your existing marketing environment.

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Consulting Engagements, Regular or Ad-Hoc

If you have a project or plan that has reached an impasse, a Vandalist Consulting Engagement will help work through the knots. With more than 20 years experience, we can bring perspective, critical thinking, and a sense of reality to the discussion. Whether we are engaged for a one-off appearance, or ongoing, use us until the congestion has been cleared.

Project & Resource Management

If your marketing efforts are mostly under control, but you find you have a heap of moving parts to try to contain, Vandalist provides management for projects and resources. This means that your problem becomes ours, and we coordinate the tasks, resources, and schedules to simplify the cogs in your marketing machine and allow you to get on with other things.

Marketing Support & Help Desk

With our extensive range of capabilities, we offer full-service marketing support and assistance, for new or existing tasks. Some of our clients use us for five hours per month, others for 70. The process is as simple as emailing or calling us with the request, we sort it out as per your timeline and requirements, and provide a live tracking report ongoing for your convenience.

vCMO Services, Regular or Ad-Hoc

If your business or marketing department is in a transition period and an interim CMO is required, talk to us about our vCMO services. We can outline a plan to guide you through this phase and can demonstrate our previous results as acting CMOs. Our delivery is flexible in that we can handle a transition period or help you build the structure you are looking for.

We Solve Problems and Simplify Marketing Environments

Our strategic marketing services are for businesses that...

Have Marketing Gaps

Already have resources in place but have a few noticeable capability-voids.

Need a Plan

Are moving, but are unsure in which direction, or what is driving, and why.

Are Not Competing

Cannot determine if the competition is winning more opportunities more often.

Struggle To Convert

Have leads coming in but struggle to turn them into paying customers.

Are Unsure of ROI

Spend money on marketing but are unsure how to measure return.

React Rather than Plan

Find that marketing efforts are impulsive or random rather than planned.

Have Resource Limitations

Have human resources on hand but have capacity or skill limitations.

Need New Ideas

No longer have an influx of new concepts or go-to-market strategies.

Simply Don't Know

Quite simply haven’t had the time to understand what marketing could achieve.

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Tell Us About your Project

We’re ready to help take your business to the next level. Let us know which areas in your marketing you’re hoping to improve, and we’ll provide you with a roadmap on how to get there.

    Thank you for your help, team. We appreciate your proactivity and how quickly you get things done.

    - Software Client

    I've never really liked marketing. I wouldn't say I've come to like it, but I like it more now then I used to.

    - Info Tech Client

    We hit our investor target. Thanks for everything you guys did. I thought we might have overshot our expectations but we got it done. Thanks again.

    - Property Investment Client

    Ripper guys. You have saved us a mountain of trouble. Thanks for everything you have done. Really great work.

    - Resources Management Client

    We have been so busy. Can we turn the website of for a few weeks? We are getting hammered!

    - Manufacturing Client
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