Modernising a 30yo Software Company Modernising a 30yo Software Company

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Vandalist was introduced to a building services software company that lacked digital assets and support functions for members, and relied on an outdated purchasing processes.

The buying process required the customer to contact the client by either phone or email and a Customer Service Agent would then need to email out a quote for the client to accept. The customer would pay via bank deposit or over the phone. For some of our client’s customers, these obstacles resulting in significant delays in orders and lost opportunities.

Additionally, the client’s online footprint was outdated. Their corporate website had not been updated since the late 90’s and was difficult to navigate. Furthermore, the website lacked ecommerce and support functionality. Social media profiles did not exist, and their search presence had never been optimised.

Our client decided to bring us on to help them address all of these areas. They wanted Vandalist to launch them into the present by redesigning their assets, upgrading their technology, and providing a future-proof framework for consistent marketing efforts.

Our Proposal

We proposed the implementation of a marketing plan that served to outline the steps necessary to transition to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model as well as overhaul the current customer engagement model. Doing so would ensure that our client’s products were more accessible then was the case previously and made the shopping process much more straight forward.

We suggested redesigning the website to enhance their search presence and create a more compelling shopping experience for visitors. In addition, we created social profiles, a content management plan and a schedule for publishing blogs and email content.

Additionally, we implemented a support desk function to serve the current client base more efficiently and reduce the load on our clients’ support team. This was performed via a CRM integration and now facilitates most client support queries.

The Outcome

As a result of the evolution of their business, the client has since commenced the transition to a SaaS model, allowing them to support their customers in a more direct and efficient manner.

Their online presence is now more thorough and user-friendly, and their website has been receiving an increase of site traffic upwards of 300% per month.

In addition to the stand-alone projects that have been completed, the client now how as a publicity and communication framework to follow which ensures that their marketing effort will be sustainable ongoing regardless of if they continue to work with an external provider or decide to take the tasks internally.

Brisbane Marketing Agency

300% Increase

Average monthly website traffic increase.

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6 Fewer Admin Hours

Reduction in administration hours per month.

Outsourced Marketing Support

4 Months

Time required to complete the rollout in months.