Solo Health Consultant to Thriving Business Solo Health Consultant to Thriving Business

Outsourced Marketing Support


We met with a health professional who had been 12 months into their new business. We were referred to them by their accountant who knew of us through mutual associates. The brief we were given was that the business owner was very good at what they do but had challenges with stability and opportunity growth.

We spent time with the business owner determining what they felt their most pressing business issues were to firstly identify if they were issues marketing could address. The issues we discovered were a lack of new business generation strategies and a lack of process for managing existing business. Additionally, the unreliability of week to week bookings meant the business owner was unable to plan any kind of lifestyle as they were at the mercy of an erratic client base.

Our Proposal

Our proposal to the business owner was to implement the Vandalist Marketing Excellence Program which would allow them to take on as much or as little of the marketing effort as they were prepared to commit to, and leave the rest to us. This provided the business owner with control over their marketing spend and their capacity to take on additional load.

Within the Marketing Excellence Program, we proposed a number of marketing modules to address the issues stated above. Firstly we worked with the business owner to implement a simple CRM to manage all existing clients and prospects, and consolidate the existing databases into a single source of truth. Additionally we worked on a communication program to convert prospects to clients by providing a frame work for offering consults and introductions via electronic means rather than in person, and started to work on developing corporate packages to take advantage of search-data trends we discovered.

With an immediate increase in repeat and new business, we helped the business owner implement a virtual assistant for daily administrative tasks freeing them up to deliver more core business.

But the most valuable service we provided was to change the perspective of the business owner as to the service they were offering.

Prior to meeting with Vandalist, the typical engagement between client and service provider was 8 – 12 weeks. Having examined the client journey, we established that health and wellness services should be seen as a more long-term investment rather than a short-term fix. The reality is that with big-brand advertising and supermarket agendas (our biggest dietary influence), we are conditioned to live convenient lifestyles, not healthy ones, and these habits are not habits that are fixed within eight weeks. Reaching this realisation, the business owner gained a better understanding of the value they offered and approached the business with a view of offering a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. This resulted in a much more satisfied client base and more business more often for the business owner.

The Outcome

Within 12 months the business owner had employed a full-time specialist, a virtual assistant, and an on-premise administrator. Revenue was up 400% and they were now in a position to plan holidays and enjoy life outside of their business.

Marketing Support Services

400% revenue Increase

Revenue growth of 400% within the first six months.

Marketing Services

3 New Staff

Additional staff members required to facilitate demand.

Brisbane Marketing Company

12 Months

Engagement duration to execute the Marketing Excellence Program.