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Social media is still the most polarising subject in the greater marketing sphere. Most companies acknowledge that they need it, most admit that they don’t completely understand it, and most are resigned to the fact that they don’t do it well, but aren’t sure how to do it better. Here is an easy way to get your social media effort working more in line with your overall company purpose.

  1. Assuming there is a dedicated resource or supplier who looks after social media, have them provide a fortnightly or monthly calendar of content to you that they plan on publishing. The layout should include everything that will be posted – channels, copy, hashtags, images etc.
  2. Once compiled, circulate the content plan to other team members, ideally in different roles or departments, for feedback. The benefit of this is to provide multiple perspectives on the content, and over time, engaging the wider team in your social media work.
  3. Keep a senior manager in the loop. If they “get” it, they will help with the communication process back to the leadership team. If they don’t get it, over time, they will develop interest and treat it like other business units requiring reports and goals. This will in turn help out the content creator as they will have an objective to work towards.

From our experience, social media use and growth has inclined exponentially in all industries, whereas education and corporate purpose for social media has remained static for the last decade. The process above will help to provide visibility to your team of what content is being published and begin to engage more of the company in your social media efforts.