$50 Million in 6 Weeks $50 Million in 6 Weeks

Strategic Marketing Agency


We were invited to do a presentation at an accounting and finance function focusing on how marketing can help the industry shake old legacy stereotypes and bring a greater experience to engagements with prospects and clients. After the presentation we were approached by a Director from an investment company and asked if we could attend a meeting with his board the next day.

We attended the meeting and were asked if we thought we would be able to help them implement a strategy for raising $50 million dollars in investment funds in six weeks, plus the week we had to devise a plan.

The client had a CRM in place but was not utilising it well, there was minimal prospect nurturing in place, and whilst the business had a powerful history of positive results, it was not well presented.

Our Proposal

Having done our due diligence to gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the business, we put forward a Vandalist Agency Experience proposal which outlined how we planned on implementing several modules to raise awareness of the new investment opportunity and give the business the best chance of hitting its target. We proposed a framework that would allow us to work alongside existing marketing resources and incumbent partners but would also absorb the bulk of the workload to prevent the marketing effort from exhausting the internal team.

We worked with existing designers to create a compelling landing page that would ultimately field the majority of investment enquiries, and implemented a series of digital advertising modules to generate traffic to the landing page.

With these items in production, we worked with the internal team to clean up the CRM and customise how leads and opportunities were presented to each BDM so they were clear on where their opportunities were coming from and if they had been serviced appropriately. We educated the team on the power of responsiveness and developed a process for making sure new prospects were contacted within 30 minutes of submitting an enquiry.

We worked with the client to establish what they felt their ideal client looked like (age, location, income) and tested the hypothesis on some friendlies within their database. Once the hypothesis was confirmed, we assessed the likelihood of past investors showing interest in the new fund, identified their expected investment value, and were then able to equate the minimum number of contacts we’d need to reach to hit our investment target. Given that the current database was short of our target required contacts number, we acquired a database from a local provider and created a specific electronic direct mail campaign targeting these unknowns.

In addition to these modules, we provided support to the incumbent PR and advertising partners in the form of key messaging and artwork production when the internal resources were unavailable.

The Outcome

We received a confirmation letter from our main contact within the client business that they had hit their $50 million target within the first five weeks. In addition, we were advised afterwards that our process and “fit” with their business was smoother than any previous external provider they had worked with.

Marketing Strategy Company

$50 Million

Investment target of $50,000,000.

Outsourced Marketing Company

6 Weeks

Total campaign timeframe of six weeks.

Monthly Marketing Support


Total campaign budget of $20k.