100 Useful Video Ideas 100 Useful Video Ideas

“More video”.

That is our typical response when we are asked how to empower a company’s social media channel (appended with “…that will teach, inform, or advise”). Here is a very useful list that will help you generate some ideas. Or, download the list below.

  1. Top 3 tips to achieve [something].
  2. Top 3 tips to avoid [something].
  3. Top 3 common misconceptions about [something].
  4. Top 5 myths about [something].
  5. 3 best software for [something].
  6. Don’t do [something]. Instead, do [something else].
  7. Stop thinking [something] and instead think [something else].
  8. “I hate it when people say [something].”
  9. The biggest difference between [something] and [something else] is…
  10. 3 things you may not know about [something].
  11. 3 best websites that help you [something].
  12. Here is what to do if you want to [something].
  13. Here is what you don’t want to do if you want/not want [something].
  14. How to achieve [something].
  15. Here is how you know it’s time to [something].
  16. Explain the top 3 products/services in your niche/industry.
  17. What is a (product/service 1)?
  18. What is a (product/service 2)?
  19. What is a (product/service 3)?
  20. 5 benefits of using [something].
  21. How to (insert dream result) with (your opportunity vehicle).
  22. How to (insert dream result) without (thing people want to avoid).
  23. “My number one secret to gain [something].”
  24. “My number one secret to avoid [something].”
  25. Here is how (commonly misunderstood thing) works.
  26. How to interview a (specific client position or role).
  27. How to know you have a good client/supplier/partner?
  28. How to know you have a bad client/supplier/partner?
  29. How to have [something] while also having [something else].
  30. Unusual client story.
  31. Heart-warming client story.
  32. Rewarding client story/case study.
  33. What a day in the life of a [something] looks like.
  34. What happens if I do [something]…
  35. What happens if I don’t do [something]…
  36. [Something] vs [something else]
  37. Here is what you want to look out for in a [something].
  38. Red flags in a [something].
  39. How to prepare for (insert client service/requirement).
  40. How to get more clients from [something].
  41. Company origin story.
  42. Top 3 alternatives to [something].
  43. Thoughts on working with junior recruits/beginners/amateurs?
  44. Thoughts on working with senior recruits/a professional?
  45. The truth about [something] that no one talks about.
  46. When is it time to move on to a new [something]?
  47. Controversial take on a hot topic in your industry.
  48. Open for business/new product or service post.
  49. Share a quote related to your niche and your opinion on a hot topic.
  50. How [something] impacts or reacts to [something else] in your industry.
  51. Instagram vs Reality in your industry.
  52. Time-saving hacks for being productive.
  53. Step-by-step guide(s) on how to engage with your niche.
  54. Your reaction to comments, reviews, or DM’s that you have received.
  55. Favourite books that relate to your business or industry.
  56. Favourite podcasts that relate to your business or industry.
  57. Top 5 favourite content creators.
  58. Explaining your delivery or planning processes.
  59. Something you have or do that your competitors don’t or can’t.
  60. Something you don’t do that your competitors will do.
  61. An exclusive limited-time offer.
  62. Promotional video/tip related to Winter.
  63. Promotional video/tip related to Spring.
  64. Promotional video/tip related to Summer.
  65. Promotional video/tip related to Autumn.
  66. Promotional video/ tip related to seasonal holidays.
  67. 3 things people don’t know about your company/you as a person.
  68. Reaction to recent news about your industry.
  69. Reaction to recent shifts in your industry.
  70. How your industry was vs
  71. Where your industry is heading.
  72. Why doing [something] that used to work doesn’t work anymore.
  73. “If this is you, then this is what you should do next” advice-style video.
  74. “If this is you, this video is for you” advice-style video.
  75. Which do you choose (provide options)?
  76. “People ask me between (this) or (that), and I choose (this).”
  77. “Here is what I would do if I had to start over” advice-style video.
  78. “Here is what I would do if all I had was (minimal resources)” advice-style video.
  79. Biggest personal lesson you have learned this year.
  80. Biggest business lesson you have learned this year .
  81. How you handle financial decisions or requests as a (job title).
  82. How you save money as a (job title).
  83. How you invest/utilise money as a (job title).
  84. What is the busiest season/period for your business and why.
  85. Describe your onboarding process when taking on a new client.
  86. How are you different from your competitors?
  87. How do you ensure that your clients enjoy working with you?
  88. How do you get your clients to send you referrals or feedback?
  89. How do you compel your clients to return?
  90. What do I do if I got taken advantage of this way?
  91. How do I justify the expense of [something]?
  92. Favourite part about being a [something].
  93. Least favourite part about being a [something].
  94. 5 reasons to invest in a [something].
  95. Who are your personal heroes and why?
  96. Who are your business leaders/mentors and why?
  97. Pros and Cons of [something].
  98. “5 mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to.”
  99. How I invest in my business as a [role or job title].
  100. How I invest in my clients as a [role or job title]