A Queensland Tourism Website Project Delivered Inside 10 Days A Queensland Tourism Website Project Delivered Inside 10 Days

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The Queensland Government approved a tourism initiative for the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding services and required a number of resources to be created in order to support the project. The main piece of the puzzle was to create a website that was going to provide all of the information required to explain the initiative to the public. Additionally, the website needed to provide a dynamic service operator directory and location-based services map of the region.

Like all Government assets, there were strict protocols to adhere to and processes to follow to ensure that the outcome was in line with Government standards and expectations.

In addition to the above, we were given ten days to complete the project.

Our Proposal

Having spent some time working with similar Government initiatives within the same departments, we were familiar with and worked on a number of other assets which we proposed to replicate and revise in order to meet this deadline. Given that we only had ten days to complete the project, it was not feasible to begin a typical website build engagement process as the design discussions themselves would take up several days.

The proposal we put forward was to replicate an existing asset which had only been created recently, but with obvious modifications so that the desired outcome would be met. It was also going to make future administration and maintenance much easier as the process to support one asset would be the same as the other.

This approach allowed us to work with the client on design elements while the structure of the site was being implemented behind the scenes. We could essentially run the development and design processes in parallel rather than needing to do development after the design was confirmed.

The Outcome

We were able to get the site up and running as expected from zero to live inside the deadline. The outcome was a fully functioning, stylishly designed, technically sound new tourism website that had Government approval, and met all expected technical requirements.

The site was built in a manner that allowed for future growth and evolution, and was not going to be compromised despite the extreme deadline.

All aspects of responsible web development were included in our housekeeping process to ensure that the site would operate optimally from day one – setting up a backup schedule, integrating security, checking device compatibility, removing demo content, testing forms, and incorporating analytics.

We met the deadline, and the feedback was extremely positive.

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