New Design and More Web Enquiries for Veneer Manufacturing Company New Design and More Web Enquiries for Veneer Manufacturing Company

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A Gold Coast based veneer manufacturer contacted us to help redevelop their website and assist in bringing more enquiries to them via digital means. The existing website had become neglected and no longer represented the business accurately. The site needed a complete rebuild, and in addition to the website itself, a search engine strategy was required to bring more enquiries through the website, a facility that had largely gone underutilised over the previous two years.

Our Proposal

We discussed the target market that our client was aiming to reach which provided us with guidance on what the site should look like and and the story it should tell. We determined what an ideal client was looking for based on previous buying experiences that the client had available, and were able to design the site accordingly. We utilised the companies vast history of national projects to display the site in a manner that demonstrated their reach and prestige.

Once we had the website design and purpose mapped out, we discussed what services and specialities the business owners wanted to be known for and what search terms they wanted recognition for. This allowed us to formulate a search term plan for their search engine optimisation efforts and set some benchmarks for forecasted website traffic.

We identified 25 search terms that our search term research found to be powerful to their ideal customers and that were already being used by the competition. This formed the basis of the search engine optimisation program which we tracked and reported on each month to show how these search terms were being used to bring traffic to the new website, and at the same time, reduce traffic to competing sites.

The Outcome

The website itself was completed inside four weeks to coincide with an upcoming event that the client was attending as a sponsor. For the next three months, we had monthly meetings to work through search engine optimisation results which influenced the website adjustments we made.

The search engine optimisation effort took effect inside eight weeks with 18 of the 25 search terms reaching page one. This led to more calls and project enquiries in the first two months alone.

As an ongoing deliverable, we provide quarterly search trend topics to the client to ensure they rank well for trending search terms as well as their own core group of search terms.

Marketing Help Desk

4 Weeks

Website project completion, and SEO search term program implementation.

Monthly Marketing Support

12 Leads

Average number of qualified leads received each month inside the first three months.

Marketing Strategy Company


Approximate average opportunity value of new leads in first three months.