New Digital Presence for Niche Pool Provider New Digital Presence for Niche Pool Provider

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Vandalist was introduced to a niche pool manufacturer who saw an opportunity to become a more significant player in the residential recreation space. They had limited digital assets and a minor online presence which made reaching new customers difficult and resource intensive. They required our assistance to redesign their online footprint, generate content, and create a social media platform and following to help evolve their brand.

Our Proposal

We firstly suggested a redesigned website to demonstrate the experience a customer will have with one of the clients’ products rather than simply listing features. Apart from creating a warmer, more inviting website, we included content that outlined how to arrange for installations, maintenance, and forecasted running costs to make the website experience completely immersive for prospects.

We then began creating social media assets to help grow their audience and accompanied the social media effort with the implementation of Google tools (Maps, My Business, Analytics, Ads) to raise the search profile of the brands.

Finally, we implemented a promotion and campaign schedule for taking advantage of calendar “hot spots” throughout the year. We were able to determine the peak periods for pool sales and accordingly, scheduled campaigns to take advantage of these periods. Additionally, we implemented Insightly CRM for the client so that all leads were tracked, managed, and contacted to make sure that all sales efforts could be tracked.

The Outcome

The client immediately saw the success of our efforts, with an increase in enquiries within the first month. The social media and Google search effort yielded significant traffic to the website which led to a significant increase in enquiries.

With the increase in leads, the client could see the benefit from the sales team activity alone. They appointed two new reps within the first six weeks as the current team was unable to handle the pipeline.

We continue our work with the client to increase their reach across Australia and introduce new products into a market which now knows their name.

Business Marketing Services

35 New Enquiries P/M

35 monthly enquiries received per month on average.

Marketing Support Agency

2 New BDMs

Two additional BDMs required to service increased interest.

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10 Weeks

10 weeks to complete the project and be live.