New Website, SEO, and More Leads for Metal Fabricator in Brisbane New Website, SEO, and More Leads for Metal Fabricator in Brisbane

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We were introduced to a manufacturing client through an accountant we both used with the brief that they required a new website. We met with the client to discuss what the concerns were that led to them feeling like their website needed upgrading.

They were not receiving any leads through their existing site and additionally, felt like the existing site did not accurately represent them as a business. Plus, any time they wanted to add content to the site, it was an unpleasant experience to do so as they often needed to provide completed content and layout suggestions. Over the previous few years, they had also had staff members set up several accounts with numerous hosting and domain providers which the business owners had lost track of.

Our Proposal

Before we proposed anything, we spoke to the client about a website’s ecosystem and how to build an online lead generation system. We spoke about the power of a great website, but also the need to bring traffic to it if existing traffic was minimal. We spoke about how to utilise analytics within a site to track referral sources and lead characteristics, and how to use analytics to modify existing website content to convert visitors into enquirers.

Once we had explained this process, we then discussed their business more specifically – main services, the most profitable services, significant milestones and projects, and history. We explained that these elements contribute towards creating a complete story for the business and minimising the guesswork that a potential buyer needs to make when deciding if they want to shop here. This allowed us to formulate a sitemap for the client to outline the structure of the website, which then allowed us to proceed with the build. Additionally, we identified 26 search terms that our analytics research identified that users were searching for to find services that our client offered. This formed the basis of a search engine optimisation (SEO) program which we were able to report on each month to show how these search terms were being used to bring traffic to the new website.

The Outcome

The website itself was completed inside three months. For the next three months, we had monthly meetings with the client to work through any additional feedback they may have received, or to address information that needed to be included on the site that had yet to be discussed. We provided our client with a 48 hour turnaround promise on updates and edits, and scheduled recurring quarterly content reviews to make sure the site remained relevant.

The search engine optimisation effort took effect much quicker than expected with 16 of the 26 search terms reaching page one inside six weeks. This led to more new email and phone enquiries in the first two months that the new site was up then that of the previous 12 months. As a result of the increased calls and email enquiries, we introduced the business owners to a virtual reception service that would qualify enquiries of value rather than hijacking the days of the business owners. This essentially resulted in more qualified leads, more often, without needing to invest in anything other than an updated website and search engine optimisation program.

As part of the project, we compiled all web asset accounts (hosting, domains, SSL certificates, backups) and consolidated them into a single location which in itself saved several hundred dollars a year on duplicated services. We also created a program for periodic communication with existing clients in order to keep them warm and encourage the likelihood of more frequent repeat purchases.

Marketing Help Desk

12 Weeks

Project delivery timeline and completion.

Monthly Marketing Support

72 Leads

Number of qualified leads received inside the first three months.

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Approximate average opportunity value of new leads in first three months.