Defining Your Own User Experience Map Defining Your Own User Experience Map

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User Experience Mapping is the process a business implements in order to make a prospects’ buying experience as easy and repeatable as possible. It outlines the ideal journey a prospect undertakes in order to discover your business, how your business facilitates their enquiry and/or purchase, and how they are nurtured after the sale win or loss.

This process is an essential strategic component as it allows us to identify ways of making the engagement process easier and more enjoyable for the prospect, but also to strengthen areas of the process that are weak or underperforming within our businesses.

Aspects to consider when building a User Experience Map are:

  1. Time/response standards at each step (what is a suitable time with which to respond or provide action; how long do your competitors take, can you do it faster while maintaining accuracy and value?)
  2. The responsible resource or system allocated to each step (is the step facilitated by an individual, department, or system, and is redundancy built in?)
  3. How the evolution of the process is encouraged (are staff “on-board” with the process, and are they being asked for feedback to help evolve and streamline the process?)
  4. Who is ultimately “in charge” of the User experience Map (who owns the UxM – who fields the feedback, and who reviews the UxM periodically to make sure it is still relevant and adhered to?)
  5. How the UxM is relayed and explained to team members (will staff be involved from the beginning of the UxM process, will the UxM be documented publicly, and will training/rationale be provided?)

They can be tricky little SOBs to get right as they inevitably identify gaps in the customer experience process which can lead to more questions than answers. But if you give yourself some time to work through the exercise, it will make customer engagement much easier for your team to implement and ensure that your customers consistently receive a quality experience.

User Experience Map (UXM) Guide