7 Reasons Why Stones Corner is Probably Brisbane’s best Suburban Hub 7 Reasons Why Stones Corner is Probably Brisbane’s best Suburban Hub

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We are set up in Stones Corner and have found it to be a nice mix of weird and cool (for example, inside the space of a few months, we had a beer, food and music festival, and also the discovery of a body in a drain in a very public park), so thought it best to provide a commentary on why it’s so tops:

In 1875, James Stone, or “Stoney” as he was known to his mates, purchased land on the corner of what we now know as Logan and Old Cleveland Roads. Stoney operated a ginger beer shop from the site having failed to acquire a liquor license to set up a hotel. Over time, the area became known as Stones Corner.

Here are 7 reasons why Stones Corner is probably Brisbane’s best Suburban Hub

  1. If you are walking in any direction and have an urgent and impromptu desire to get a haircut or coffee, you only have to take three more steps forward and you will be in front of a coffee shop or hairdresser (or a hairdresser that does coffee). You never need to back-track to indulge in these services.
  2. Fashion variety is at its peak in that you may walk past a person who is dressed in the finest clothes you have ever seen, then immediately walk past another person who has chosen not to wear any clothes at all on this day.
  3. It is a wonderful exercise in aromatic diversity – pre 6.00am Stones Corner smells like a neglected bathroom, but from 6.00am onwards it smells of coffee, nice food, and Golden Wattle.
  4. We don’t have a Maccas here which means we don’t have to put up with shady late-night drug deals. Our drug deals are much more civilised.
  5. If you can’t find something to eat in Stones Corner, you are either too hard to please or you’re just not hungry. Every variety of oriental food, café style food, vegan, ethical, bakery style, fast-food take-away, middle eastern, Mediterranean, pub style, and sandwiches all reside inside a 200m strip. The only thing missing is a dessert place but as Sarah Wilson pointed out, sugar killed Laura Palmer so we should avoid it anyway.
  6. Apart from a few op-shops, there are f*ck-all clothing stores. How good.
  7. It is the perfect place to build your Insta-famous empire. Most Insta-fame starts with fitness and physique (followed by filters and Photoshoppery) and Stones Corner has you covered. If you like throwing hands, there’s a Corporate Box boxing joint, if you just bought some new Lorna Jane’s, there’s an Extend Barre (pronounced Extend Barry), if you want fast-food style training, there is a Fitstop, there is yoga, personal training, boot camps, pilates, as well as specialised small group movement and strength training at Jungle MVMT.

There are no giant malls, Westfields, or dense shopping districts, just lifestyle retailers, eclectic locals, and of course, us. #wherethebloodyhellareya