It’s not you, it’s me: breaking up with It’s not you, it’s me: breaking up with

Brisbane Marketing Company

Dear, let me begin by saying how much I loved you. You were truly like a website I had never experienced and one that fulfilled me in ways I had not imagined. But as time passes and as relationships evolve, experiences can become irritations and fulfillment can manifest into annoyance. Strong, consistent, overwhelming annoyance.

When we first met, you accentuated sophistication and knowledge – every time we were together you taught me something new, something incredible, something factual. Nothing was more reliable than your reliability. So smart, so honest, and free from perverse popup bullshit gambling and alcohol advertising. But I get it. Change is inevitable and not always comfortable.

I don’t know why and can’t remember when it began, but the lies… the lies took a toll. I am not sure if your new found popularity had you feeling like you needed to impress your pop-up friends or if it was through the influence of your new “buddies”, Twitter and Reddit, but the lies, the stories, and vague, distant way you started to communicate with me made me feel insignificant. Actually, it reminded me of how a buddy of mine went downhill when he started smoking pot. Same dude, just a lot dumber.

Anyhow, I know you have your reasons. I do understand that. I know that being part of a family that has more money than most countries have, is not enough. I know that credibility and integrity driven journalism is expensive and evidently too fucking hard to sustain. Settling for shit articles written by kids about junk on the cheap has its appeal. I get it.

So with that, I am saying goodbye. Why the letter? Well, you may not have noticed yourself, but interacting with you these days is not how it used to be. I just couldn’t bring myself to face your flickering flashing click-bait sensationalised sewer of a delivery method anymore. I just couldn’t.

I am so thankful for finding you way back at the start and you will always have a place in my heart. But I have had to face the fact that the inspired, accurate and well-researched source of knowledge that you once were is now a relic, and the rotten incoherent shell of a sports journalist source that you have become is the new you.

I love you. I hate you.