Maybe worth considering… Maybe worth considering…

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On Saturday, cafes, bars, and restaurants will be allowed to host up to 10 people at a time in their establishment in QLD (20 in outback regions). As a patron, consider the following:

☕ The hospitality industry has taken a flogging. Resist the temptation to take up a seat if you are ordering something that could be taken away and hence leaving seats free for others who may be spending big. Parks will be reopened so grab your coffee, jump on a swing, and converse in undulating synchronicity.

☕ For the same reason, it is not a great time to fire up the laptop and work from a café for a few hours if you are not spending money with them (particularly during peak hour). Same as above but perhaps without the swings.

☕ If you feel compelled to do so and are able to do so, consider leaving a tip (or flowers, a box of chocolates, etc) as a general thank you. A lot of us have been visiting the same local suburban coffee shop, patting the dogs of other patrons, and laughing at the parents of rogue kids for years. The gesture will likely be more valuable than the gift.

☕ It would be a ripping time to grab a few friends to go out for an overindulgent meal or celebration. But no cuddling #rulez.

Despite the restrictions easing somewhat, hospos are still under the hammer. So while it might be attractive to snuggle up with a buddy and grab a coffee for an hour at your local, consider that every individual represents 10% of that venue’s earning capacity for that period. So perhaps just for another few weeks, grab your buddy, grab an Ostrich Pillow and head to a park if you only plan on ordering basics.