Christmas Readiness Checklist for Maximum Christmas Readiness Christmas Readiness Checklist for Maximum Christmas Readiness

Nail your Christmas readiness:


Are your operating hours over Christmas changing? Will you be closing for a set period of time, only on the public holidays, or open every day due to industry requirements/avoiding your family?

  • Do you have your hours listed on your website?
  • Do you have your hours listed on your Google Business listing?
  • Do you have your hours listed on your Facebook page?
  • Can it be centrally added to all staff email signatures?

How are you going to announce the change in hours/availability to your customers, and the general public?

  • Within your newsletter or social posts? More than once?
  • Email signature with a link to a short blog post?
  • Client-wide email?

Are there any requirements of staff during the festive season (e.g., “Don’t show up on the 25th”)?

  • Have they been advised of any forced closures? (Now might be a good time to advise them so they can plan their atomic parties and dangerous DIY projects).
  • Will they have to take additional leave, and when does it need to be logged (and do they log it themselves, or will HR take care of it)?
  • Are there any other options like being part of a skeleton team? If so, can staff volunteer for this?

Email/phone out-of-office messages:

  • Should this be curated by an individual, or is it managed by an internal department?
  • Does a script need to be followed or can users curate their own?


Is Secret Santa on the cards? If so:

  • Who is organising this?
  • What are the rules of engagement?
  • What is the process (who provides for who, and how is this decided)?
  • Is there a budget or do “gifts” need to be homemade / op-shopped?
  • Is there a guide to what is/is not appropriate? This might seem obvious, but from experience, we suggest at least putting restrictions on alcohol, adult toys, and anything acquired from the dark web.
  • When should the gameplan be communicated to staff, and how?

Staff Christmas Party:

  • Is one happening (or equivalent)?
  • Is there a theme? Note that themes are cool but can be stressful for some people to cater to and render the whole exercise an unpleasant experience.
  • Is someone making an executive decision on the event, or will staff be surveyed for their input?
  • Is someone accountable for it (i.e., a single source of truth for questions, troubleshooting, and event management)?
  • Can everyone attend (i.e., are any staff left behind to maintain phones or a support desk, and if so, are they facilitated for)?
  • Does an activity/event need to be involved (e.g., team building, or just hanging out)?
  • Are partners invited?
  • Who oversees safety and to what degree?
  • Does information or specific expectations need to be circulated to the greater team regarding company standards and professional responsibilities?
  • Does it cater to everyone (non-drinkers, non-meat eaters, dairy, gluten or nut intolerant, intermittent-fasters, CrossFitting paleo’s etc.)?
  • Is there an alcohol policy – policy for company supply of or purchase of alcohol? Do waivers need to be signed before the finance team starts shouting Jaeger Bombs?

We hope this helps with your planning.