How to Show Value to your Customers (Template Included) How to Show Value to your Customers (Template Included)

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We get these all the time:

“How do we demonstrate the value we provide to our customers?”; and “How do we communicate our other capabilities to our customers?”

Our answer is always the same: tell them.

In 2007, Yankelovich Inc, a marketing and research firm from North Carolina claimed that we are exposed to 5000 ads per day. That was 13 years ago. The reality is that anywhere your eyes go will likely be met with an ad or brand message. Because of this, we have become incredibly skilled at tuning out “noise”, but consequently, we are also harder to “reach”. This is why repetition becomes so critical.

If you provide ongoing products or services to a customer or user, even if they are only a few times per year, provide a report to them at the conclusion of each milestone. The report does not need to be overwhelming. It can simply state what was expected, what actually happened, and what else was actioned or observed outside of the agreement. A report allows you to own their eyeballs for a few moments every month or so. This allows you to articulate the value you provide and the additional services you offer that may be useful to them.

That being said, compiling meaningful reports is a skill in itself. Pulling an automatic report from Xero or Google Analytics will likely confuse or frustrate the customer, so devise a simple and repeatable template that your team can work with.

Reports are not only beneficial to the customer but they provide us with a vessel to tell the customer what we have been doing and what else we could be doing.

To get you started, download a copy of ours. It is in .docx format so you can edit it in MS Word and smash it up as much as you need to, to make it work for you. Good luck.